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Reaching our clients’ goals in an effective way is our main mission. We create strategies that guarantee the effective fulfillment of our goals in a timely manner. Learn how we have helped international companies to achieve their communication and process optimization objectives.

Initial Problems

  • Service Levels out of target for more than 4 months.
  • Low-quality service: calls were handled with a poor service attitude.
  • Poor communication between the vendor and the client: this hinders the proper operation of the project.
  • Little empathy for the final user.

Our Solutions

  • Levels of service within the objective and sustained improvement since April 2017.
  • Since the first day of operation our management model has been under the COPC standard, reason why in November 2017, after six months of its implementation this operation was officially COPC certified.
  • Thanks to our QA model and the analysis that is delivered periodically, our client has modified processes that have helped to improve the first contact resolution (FCR), reduce AHT and improve the quality of service. This has been reflected in the percentage of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of the final user (satisfaction more than 90%, dissatisfaction less than 3%).
  • In April 2017, we began operating with 70% of customer service. Today, due to the results we have delivered new interaction services have been integrated (chat, Backoffice, email, etc.).

Our Solutions

  • The campaign was certified under the COPC standard in November 2016 and recertified in November 2017.
  • The cost was reduced by not having over-staff since the planning and programming of resources according to the call forecast.
  • Control of expenditures in the medical part of the operations due to the detection of possible deviations in the policy conditions, as well as the timely detection of the type of emergencies and home care services.
  • Constant feedback to the client when reporting critical errors caused by the same business.
  • This certification has benefited Mediaccess with new customers.
  • Regression analysis is carried out to identify the most important aspect for the end user with which their satisfaction is determined or achieved.
  • Pareto analysis are carried out, breaking down each identified error in detail.

Initial Problems

  • Off-target service levels with a high staff volume.
  • Insufficient and unstable Telefónica internal note.
  • Unfavorable levels of satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Our Solutions

  • Service Levels within the target with a positive trend since March 2017.
  • We operate under the COPC methodology, using the models from the best practices looking for the optimization of Customer Experience (Cx).
  • Thanks to the COPC quality model and the analysis that are delivered to the client, the internal satisfaction survey was modified based 100% on finding areas of service improvement by TKM operations and the satisfaction of the final users.
  • In 2017’s last quarter, we significantly increased the satisfaction percentage of our Facebook users (by 80%), supporting the solution to other Telefónica areas.
  • Currently, more channels have been added to TKM’s Digital Customer project such as chat, SMS, email, and we assist digital clients with their applications at Playstore.
  • Results have been achieved through timely and decisive responses.  Our staff is capable of optimizing the wording service focused 100% on solving client’s problems and reducing the volume of interactions with the end user.

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