Debt Collection

Debt Recovery Management Solutions

To Increase Your Revenues and Reduce Debts

The process of debt recovery is a hard task and many companies choose to contact a debt collection agency such as TKM. We offer debt recovery Management solutions along with overpayment recovery services as an effective solution.

Hiring an outsourcing Debt Collector service could be a great option to obtain better results in the debt recovery part of your business as well.

Moreover, if you have an internal debt recovery department you know how much it costs to run it; printing and mailing costs, tracking databases, software, among others. In other words, all this could represent a high cost and loss of resources for your company. Therefore, with an Outsource Debt Collection agency, you can reduce this costs and have only the revenue collected.

Getting a maximum revenue is the target of all receivables operations. In fact, this is possible with our overpayment recovery services. We can increase your company’s revenue significantly by collecting more amount of debts in a shorter time as well.

You can improve your productivity with an Outsource Debt Recovery service that provides a dedicated team to recover past due accounts. As a result, this reduces the amount of time that is often wasted in collecting from delinquent accounts. In addition, this releases your employees to focus on other areas of your business.

Therefore, with our Debt Recovery management solutions, you will have a highly trained team on hand as well. Our Debt Collector team is focused on getting a maximum revenue collection for your business. For instance, we can help you rise the collection rates, increasing your productivity and reducing your costs.

Call us or write to us, we want to help you to create a solution tailored to the specific needs of your business.

These are a few services that TKM can perform for you:

  • Preventing arrears along with recovering payments
  • Overpayment recovery services
  • Loyalty paid campaigns
  • Champion strategies development
  • Collection through all payment methods.
  • Account classification according to country regulations
  • Uncollectibility indexes determination
  • Creation of installments payment plans according to each client policies
  • Collection of services bills, taxes and contributions at the local and federal levels
  • Generating and sending coupons or pay codes via SMS or email

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